Kristina McCoobery

An award-winning leader, experienced marketing industry professional and Amazon best-selling author, Kristina holds a dual role as COO of [INVNT GROUP], the global BandStory project™, and CEO of INVNT, the global live brand storytelling agency™.

Kristina co-founded INVNT in 2008, and became CEO in 2020, where she is responsible for the smooth operation and ongoing growth of the agency.

She remains heavily involved in INVNT’s largest accounts and strategizes with the leaders of INVNT’s fellow [INVNT GROUP] brands to help clients not only express their brand stories in live settings but create seamless interconnected experiences across multiple platforms and audiences.

Kristina is a proud mother, active mentor, philanthropist and thought leader who regularly contributes to media. A certified Forbes Speaker, she speaks at events including Event Marketer’s EventTech and the Untethered virtual summit.